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Dr. Steven A. Sunderraj is a Physical Therapist serving the New York area for more than 3 years. Dr. Sunderraj is experienced in Post Operative Care, Return to Sport and Manual Therapy. He is a professional member of the USAW.


I started Recalibrate in order to elevate the rehabilitation process, the outcome, and the client’s understanding and knowledge of how they can not only maintain their functional level of fitness, but elevate it, on their own with the knowledge and understanding obtained during the Recalibrate rehabilitation process.

The human body is a complex machine. The numerous moving parts work in synchronicity with one another to provide movement and function. When one of those parts is damaged or incapacitated many, if not all, other parts are affected. In a typical physical therapy setting, the objective is to address the injury in an isolative fashion. However, given the symbiotic relationship between all of the body’s moving parts, that prescription fails to address the interaction between the injury and the rest of the body, thus, at worst, leaving the door open to re injury, or at best, a suboptimal return to function and performance.

At Recalibrate, my goal for each and every client is to return them to a level of function and performance greater than that of pre-injury. Certainly levels of performance and growth are varied by individual limitations (severity of injury, age, lifestyle, etc…), however, each and every patient can improve upon their own physical well-being relative to themselves, and given that these improvements take time, at Recalibrate, each patient is given a customized strength and conditioning program that address your specific needs and goals.

At Recalibrate, my goal for each and every client is to return them to a level of function and performance greater than that of pre-injury.​

Steven Sunderraj, DPT

Dr. Steve Sunderraj​

As a child, I was fascinated with machines. I loved how they worked and how to repair them when they didn’t. When I started wrestling and weight training that fascination shifted to how the human body, like a machine, not just functioned but functioned optimally. While in college that fascination led to passion, which in turn led to me to Long Island University’s school of physical therapy, where I received my DPT in 2011. Since becoming a physical therapist that passion is continually being renewed with each patient that leaves their last session with them feeling stronger and more physically able than when they arrived for their first visit. It is my belief we are all athletes. Sure, our sports may vary, but whether you’re the starting left fielder for the Yankees or a city bus driver, the physical wellness of your body is equally important for maintaining your quality of life.



Head, Neck & Jaw

Whip lash, certical radiculopathy A.K.A. pinched nerves (numbness/tingling), DDD (Degenerative Dis Disease), disc herniation/bulge, headaches (tension, migraines, cervicogenic), poor posture, general neck pain/cervicalgia, cervical sprains/strains, spinal stenosis, spondylosis


Mid-Low Back

General low back pain, lumbago, lumbar radiculopathy AKA pinched nerves, thoracic and lumbar disc bulges/herniation, spondylosis, DDD, spondylolisthesis, thoracic/lumbar spinal stenosis, thoracic/lumbar sprains/strains, thoracic outlet syndrome



Impingement, instability, dislocation, sprains, strains, tendonitis, bursitis, labral tears (SLAP, bankart, bBony bankart), hill sachs, adhesive capsulitis, AC joint injury/separation, rotator cuff tears, scapular dysfunction, fractures of humerus, scapula, clavicle, little leaguers shoulder, GIRD


Hips & Pelvis

Hip bursitis, arthritis, piriformis syndrome, labral tear/cartilage lesions, strains/sprains, tendonitis, SI joint pain, pubic algia, coccydynia, groin pain/gemoral acetabular impingement



Ligament injuries (ACL/MCL/PCL/LCL), meniscus tears, ITB syndrome, arthritis, patella femoral pain syndrome, patella fractures, tibia plateau fractures, bursitis, tendonitis, quad tear/strain, osgood schlatter, hamstring strain, pes anserine pain


Foot & Ankle

Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, sprains-ligament ruptures, achilles tendonitis/tears, mortons neuroma, shin splints/medial tibia stress syndrome, talocrural ankle impingement, talar dome cartilage injuries, tarsal tunnel syndrome, hallux rigidus, fractures of tibia, fibula, calcaneus


Elbow & Wrist

Tennis/Golfers elbow, pronator teres syndrome, sprains/strains, Ulnar Collateral Ligament insufficiency/sprain/tear, Little leaguers elbow, bursitis/tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dequervain Syndrome, Radial/Ulna fractures, Radial head fractures


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Dr. Steve is incredibly friendly and caring. He's open to answer all questions and concerns. He helped me recover from an ankle & shoulder injury in minimum time, can't recommend him enough.
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Steve helped me w/ my neck after a car accident. I could barely sleep & now I am back to running & swimming without pain. Steve is very knowledgeable w/ exercises & progressing my P.T. Things were hot stale.
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Steve is very knowledged, and he helped me not only to go back to physical activities, but to perform better than I used to. Highly recommend him.
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Steve is truly passionate about what he does. He's a great active listener and above to quickly diagnose the root issues. He's provides a clear plan of attack and iterates on it as necessary. I've appreciated his practical and dynamic approach. He goes above and beyond to ensure you're on the road to recovery.
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So many physical therapists take you through a set routine and don't care about your outcome. Not Steve. His goal is to get his patients strengthened and recovered, and he treats each patient as an individual.
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Steve is amazing! The best physical therapist in NYC. I recommend him without hesitation.
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I’ve been working with Dr. Steve for about a year now, I wish I had found him sooner. By far one of the best PT’s in NYC.
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Terrific physical therapist. I highly recommend Dr Sunderraj. He helped me make a full recovery from knee and shoulder pain. Now I’m back at the gym on a regular basis, doing resistance training and aerobics, and I’m worry-free when I walk, run, or lift.

Insurance Policy

I accept all insurances with Out-of-Network benefits.

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Oxford
  • United Healthcare
  • Cigna

I also accept:

  • No fault
  • 1199


If you are interested in the practice, please feel free to write me a message and set up an appointment.