Yorrick Anderson Wins ISKA MMA Amateur Title

Yorrick Anderson Wins ISKA MMA Amateur Title

Congratulations to Yorrick “YoRock” Anderson on winning the ISKA Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Amateur Title this past weekend in NYC.

After a 2.5-year hiatus due to unforeseen circumstances- the pandemic, injuries and opponents pulling out of scheduled bouts Yorrick wins his first Mixed Martial Arts amateur title; he is now 4-0 in amateur MMA competition.

Yorrick dominated the fight with slow steady pressure, excellent distance control with long range round kicks and well-timed double leg takedowns with ground and pound when his opponent became overaggressive. Yorrick demonstrated a proactive grappling prowess not seen previously.

Yorrick “YoRock” Anderson (left). Dr. Steven Sunderraj (right).