Sports Chiropractic

Sports Chiropractic

Here at Recalibrate Physical Therapy, our Physical Therapist, Dr. Steven Sunderraj and Chiropractor Dr. Jacob Klein (a certified chiropractic sports pracitioner) work closely together to treat a wide range of athletes, specializing in combat sports athletes in wrestling, Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts at the recreational level all the way up to professional. We are well equipped to address NYC’s musculoskeletal needs.

Dr. Klein through examination and a process of elimination creates a comprehensive, integrated approach to treating common sports related injuries occurring in the neck, back, knee etc.

Neck and upper back strains frequently involve some type of overhead movement for example CrossFit and weight training athletes performing overhead squats or military press; any weight bearing activity places strain on your spine compounded with the heavier loads athletes often work with. Not surprisingly many back and neck injuries occur in high contact (Hockey, football, rugby) and full contact (Mixed Martial Arts, Jiujitsu, Muay Thai) sports. When you fall the cervical spine absorbs the energy of the collision by dispersing the force through your intervertebral discs, muscles and bones along the cervical spine curve. However, when the lumbar or neck is flexed (spear tackling in football) or forced into flexion (suplex in wrestling) this creates a substantial axial load that may result in herniation, or tears in the ligaments of the back or neck.

Lower back related injuries/lower back pain is widespread in virtually all types of sport. An estimated 10–15% of all athletes are expected to experience low back pain with higher rates in football and dancing due to increased stress on the lumbar region of the spine. Despite greater strength and flexibility many athletes have when compared to the general public, the repetitive flexion, extension and axial load contributes to their lower back pain.

Knee and ankle injuries are also very common in sport; the dynamic, explosive movements involved- sudden stops, twists and turns in conjunction with the possibility of blunt force trauma setup the ligaments and joints in the knee and ankle to be at risk for injury. The foot/ankle, knee and hip joint/lumbo-pelvic junction all work in conjunction as part of the lower kinetic chain, therefore any injury sustained along the chain warrants checking the levels above and below the primary site of injury.

Neck, lower back, knee or ankle injuries- no matter the injury here at Recalibrate we will evaluate your injury, tailor the treatment plan to your specific sport, style of play, and position; we’ll get you on the road to recovery quickly and avoid future injury.

Have you recently sustained a sports injury? If so, don’t hesitate to request an appointment at Recalibrate Physical Therapy.

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